CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Editorial: Press delegations band together in support of Maya Navarro

IPD Article Image - Editorial: Press delegations band together in support of Maya Navarro

On Saturday, reporter Maya Navarro was officially arrested by Russia as punishment for a previous article that exposed corruption within the Russian cabinet.

The arrest was officially announced mid-afternoon in the SOCHUM committee, which ironically decided to debate allowance of free press. Navarro was eventually released due to political pressure from the governments of the United States and Mexico, but the shocking conditions she experienced in prison still continue to alarm all other press delegations.

In the midst of confusion, reporters from almost all publications allied to find Navarro. There were rumors that the journalist had been kidnapped by the Russian cabinet themselves. As a result, a group of other press delegates participated in a stakeout outside the cabinet meeting room. Navarro was not found in the room and the Russian cabinet refused to provide any comments as they traveled to the Korean Peace Summit.

After her release, Navarro addressed the SOCHUM committee to clarify the situation and emphasize the importance of free press. Other press delegates attended in support of this speech. 

While all the journalists hold different beliefs based on home countries, this weekend has shown that the press can unite for a common cause. In fact, this publication, Granma, formed a surprising friendship with the U.S.’s conservative publication, Fox News. The press delegates in general have enjoyed a weekend of reporting the facts while also forming understanding with each other.