CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Editorial: Indian Aggression in Kashmir

IPD Article Image - Editorial: Indian Aggression in Kashmir

“Despite the crisis in Kashmir, India has become the victim,” the Indian minister of communications said in defense of their recent aggression towards Pakistan.

However, the Minister offered no evidence of Pakistani threats, only promises of further Indian aggression as the nation works to increase and advance their military presence in the Kashmir region.

As suggested by previous threatening statements by Indian delegates, India begun attacks in undisputed territory. Their first attack was on the Pakistani city of Lahore. The minister of communications claimed they planned to use Lahore as leverage to win rule over Kashmir. However, with 26,000 Indian deaths to 241 Pakistani deaths, their campaign failed. Still, the Minister said India has not lost hope and will continue to fight for Kashmir.

When questioned about concerns over the considerable loss of lives the attack incurred, the Indian minister of communications affirmed, “violence is not what you hope for, but it was needed.” The Minister even praised the death 150 Pakistani soldiers and further claimed that they will praise any win by India, even if it cost the lives of millions of people.

On the subject of supposed Pakistani advances in Kashmir, the only definitive action the Indian minister of communications had to offer was that Pakistan had begun building schools in the disputed territory.

India has also been suspected of planting a spy on the Pakistani cabinet. Numerous members of the cabinet have come forward to relay their suspicions of the minister of law and justice in colluding with the Indian government.

Image: Wikimedia Commons