CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Editorial: The lies that cost the safety of the world

IPD Article Image - Editorial: The lies that cost the safety of the world

Truth is the foundation of our society, especially in the political realm. Without real facts, global security cannot be maintained. This has been proven by the conflict over Kashmir, with the false information provided by representatives of the U.K. and India.

In numerous press conferences, the representative from India alleged that the country consistently reached out to Pakistan in hopes of establishing peace. However, when asked to provide evidence of its efforts, the representative stated there was no such evidence over more than a year of alleged correspondence.

The representative also claimed India previously reached out to the Security Council for intervention, but Security Council expressed it was unaware of such a measure.

The U.K. press secretary has also voiced some potentially untrue statements regarding the country's military involvement in the Kashmir conflict. When questioned about  possible governmental support for the coup in the capital, the press secretary claimed no military action had been taken yet. However, the Secretary of State for War contradicted this claim by defending the actions of the British troops under the command of the general in Kashmir.

The unwillingness of these representatives to reveal the truth is highly concerning.