CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

ECOFIN on Boosting Global Economy

IPD Article Image - ECOFIN on Boosting Global Economy

By Tejas Chakravarthy, RIA Novosti

BLOC in ECOFIN focuses on boosting economy through renewable energy sources. 

Rampant talks are ongoing primarily focused on disaster prep and a so-called broader fight against climate changes. International policies regarding production limit of greenhouse gases are being considered which would gradually decrease per year.

Long term goals include more opportunities regarding jobs. Lead sonsors to this paper include Germany, New Zealand, and Nicaragua, with the delegate from Nicaragua commenting that “this[working paper 1.1] will not only impact geographical regions but will impact the world on a more global scale as it unites all people and is not run by federal based organizations but by NGO’s”

More info to come soon. Stay tuned.