CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Early ITU Developments

IPD Article Image - Early ITU Developments

Andrew Jones, Al Jazeera

Things are starting to kick into high gear in the  International Telecommunication Union (ITU) committee room. After the first days pleasantries and introductions, the delegates of the ITU have begun drafting working papers. Through some very helpful notes passed to Al Jazeera, an overview of the “Romania, Cuba, Kuwaiti” bloc position has been released.  When asked about their working papers goals the Kuwaiti dual delegation wrote that their bloc’s paper, “aims to facilitate collaboration among all nations in the ITU, in order to develop 5G infrastructure.” This collaboration between nations with a common goal will speed up the process of employing 5G fiber and tower connections across both developed and less developed areas.

Though communication is a facet of modern society, the Kuwaiti delegation acknowledges the fact that misinformation is running amok. The delegates drafting this paper support other nations's weariness and caution when dealing with the spread of fake news and other untrue notions. There is some sense of hope that with the installation of 5G across the globe those responsible for media corruption will see the error of their ways and appreciate the privilege of fast, accessible, access to knowledge and information that has been bestowed upon them.

Though Kuwait, Romania, Cuba and Saudi Arabia belong to just one of several major blocs in the ITU, it seems that everyone is hoping to change the world for the better.

Photo Credit: (Cell Array)