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Donald Trump, A Self-Affirmed Nationalist? Apparently.

IPD Article Image - Donald Trump, A Self-Affirmed Nationalist? Apparently.

By: Annabelle May, Buzzfeed

U.S. President Donald Trump proudly told the people that he is a “nationalist” on Oct. 24. “Nationalist” is such a strong word for a leader with such a strong leadership position in a country. When many hear this word, they think of the Holocaust and fascist rule of many other countries.

“When the word ‘nationalism’ is brought up in German conversation, only negative instances are associated,” said a representative from the German cabinet. 

French President Emmanuel Macron even said “nationalism is not patriotism,” it is rather evil and a word that should raise red flags for many.

Yet, many are not afraid of the usage of the word. Some seem to think Trump is trying to change the negative notion behind the word. 

“As a member of the administration, I stand by President Trump and trusts he means well for the United States and the American people,” said a representative from Trump’s cabinet. 

Many supporters of Donald Trump think that he either did not understand the true meaning or did not know the negative notion behind the word. Have the people been blinded by the rule of a far-right leader? Or do the people think that Nationalism is the new Patriotism?