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DISEC Determines Drones Useful

IPD Article Image - DISEC Determines Drones Useful

By: Janice Lee, Breitbart

On December 6th 2019, the Disarmament and International Security Committee debated how to regulate drone use, and one bloc including the delegations of Canada and Georgia desire to push forth a resolution that recognizes drones to be an important tool as opposed to a technology to shy away from.

When asked about how drones can prove to be useful across the globe, the Canadian delegates emphasized that drone usage isn't exclusive to military circumstances.

"Ultimately, getting to learn more about drones, not only military applications, but also doing research into civilian uses and scientific applications is essential," the delegate from Canada said. "These UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) can have a positive impact as well."

The DISEC delegates' support for studying drones to use them in a more effective manner comes at a time in which the Houthis rebels recently shot down multiple United States drones. Whether this calls for extreme regulations or more freedom to improve drones is a key question considered within the committee doors.

The Canada-Georgia bloc is working on a resolution that promotes the study of drone technology to improve and understand its uses, while also maintaining and regulating drones for safety purposes.

"I'm working to ensure that drone technology is going to be used in a manner that is safe, that it doesn't go into the wrong hands, and that terrorists cannot threaten innocent civilians with them," the delegate from Georgia said. "But it is also imperative to ensure that this technology is not hampered by any means because it is really useful for agriculture... and even refugee crises."