CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Dem hopes high with Nelson declaring candidacy for president

IPD Article Image - Dem hopes high with Nelson declaring candidacy for president

In the U.S. Senate, the Democratic Party has high hopes after Sen. Gaylord Nelson has declared his candidacy for president.  Democrats are attempting to counter the Republicans and Nixon with a very qualified senator running for president.

“I, Senator Gaylord Nelson am officially announcing my campaign for presidency,” the senator said. “While in the Governor seat, I established unprecedented high levels of public funding for education, healthcare, unemployment, highways, and urban and rural development.”  

Sen. Nelson was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in 1958, and has been a senator since 1963. Nelson has much experience in the field of politics, and he is hoping to unite the Democratic Party under one leader.

Republicans however, are not worried about Nelson being qualified enough to take down Nixon.

“While I congratulate Senator Nelson on his candidacy, I do hope they they realize their party has been completely torn apart by the proposed candidacies,” said Jack Miller, a Republican senator from Iowa.

Miller also stated that the Democrat party is in “complete disarray,” and it will be interesting to see how they react at the Chicago convention.

Miller believes that the Republican party has this election wrapped up already, stating “The Republicans are completely together on our candidacy. We are all going for Nixon, and I think it will be a win for the Republicans this year.”

Democrats will be looking to back a single candidate, and make a push for gaining a Democratic slate.