CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Cuba to meet with UN bodies to discuss Indo-Pakistan conflict

IPD Article Image - Cuba to meet with UN bodies to discuss Indo-Pakistan conflict

By Lindsay Selfridge, Granma

The representative from Cuba will join talks within the United Nations Economic and Social Council, known as the ECOSOC, to reiterate its stance on peacekeeping through individual sovereignty.

Members of present U.N. bodies will have the opportunity to discuss the state of conflicts between India and Pakistan.

“The mission of this endeavor of peace is to maintain bilateral relations between two conflicting nations at this time,” the Cuban representative said.

Clarifying the situation between India and Pakistan will ensure that Cuba has the ability to cooperate with both nations. Strengthening dialogue, especially with India, could lead to the re-establishment of Kashmir as a war-free zone.

The religious divide between majority-Muslim Pakistan and majority-Hindu India is expected to be a major topic of debate in Thursday’s committee.

The representative from Cuba has committed to defending the rights of immigrants from India in the disputed lands. The representative also expressed interest in working with other conflicting nations involved in ECOSOC talks to resolve allied disputes.

The Cuban representative stressed the importance of continuing diplomacy as treaties are made. Cuba will strongly support peace with India during the upcoming meetings, and the representative looks forward to taking part in debates for peace in a time of conflict.

Image: United Nations