CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Cuba hopes to take lead on sustainable development debate

IPD Article Image - Cuba hopes to take lead on sustainable development debate

Cuba expects to influence successful resolutions due to its reputation as a nation with noteworthy sustainable development initiatives, according to the country's delegate from UNESCO.

The representative stressed the importance of cooperation for sustainable development.  

“Cuba sees itself as a great leader to other countries that are looking to improve sustainable development, as we were declared the only country to be sustainably developed by the World Wildlife Fund in 2006,” the Cuban delegate said.

The nation hopes to pressure UNESCO into action as other nations are in dire need of guidance on sustainable development.

“Cuba supports efforts to improve water conditions, as water pollution is a key issue to our populous,” the delegate said.

The delegation plans to introduce specific measures of a resolution outlining effective solutions to water pollution to address this issue.

Cuba intends to introduce debate on this topic as soon as possible, according to the delegate. The representative anticipates support for the country's influence on international sustainable development throughout the rest of the world.

Image: Ithinkx/Flickr