CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Developments in Educational Equality

IPD Article Image - Developments in Educational Equality

Andrew Jones, Al Jazeera

Recent developments concerning gender and educational equality in the SOCHUM GA emerged this morning. Delegates are hard at work creating two draft resolutions, each outlying individual plans, as well as calls to action. All of which were designed to assist underdeveloped nations in funding and re-developing their educational systems.

Of course, each paper has its own pros and cons, as well as differentiated hopes for a brighter tomorrow, but the main difference between the two draft resolutions is the way in which funding will be provided. 

Sponsored by Tunisia, Morocco, France, and Burkina Faso, Working Paper 2.1 hopes to raise funding for education by receiving corporate and NGO sponsorships. A second draft, Working Paper 2.2, differs in funding which is to be donated and loaned by larger, more developed nations. Distribution of these funds will be need-based, and both papers suggest the implementation of a selection process in order to determine which nation and areas are the most impoverished and lack educational resources.

In all regards, both papers regardless of which one is passed will contribute much to the world’s educational system, and help shape the minds of people young and old. Bringing impoverished and underdeveloped areas into the twenty-first century, and better connecting the world through the written word.