CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Severe Tension Among Major Powers following Conflicting Reports about Nuclear Tests

IPD Article Image - Severe Tension Among Major Powers following Conflicting Reports about Nuclear Tests

Becky Gaze, New York Times

Earlier today the United States of America mobilized troops in response to feeling threatened by the testing of a nuclear bomb in Iran. The bomb, created by an Irani nuclear program, could have been used as a threat towards the United States of America. However, a statement from a delegate in the Iranian Cabinet states that United States intelligence was wrong, “We had a natural disaster, an earthquake in our country which the U.S. viewed as a nuclear bomb testing”, said the delegate. The Iranian Military has been severely damaged due to the cyber strike.  The attack has had a large impact insofar that it has caused internet blackouts throughout multiple Middle Eastern countries surrounding Iran. Russia has taken the side of Iran and have threatened to the United States stating that if there are any more attacks placed upon Iran then they will be considered military attacks against Russia and they will therefore have to attack back as an ally.

“We need to be prepared for an attack as there will be an attack on us at some point”,  said a delegate from the Saudi Arabian cabinet. Saudi Arabia has signaled that they are arming and are ready to be faced with their own attack as they have that they “do have military plans for Iran.” Furthermore, in Iraq, armed weapons were released with the destination being headed towards Saudi Arabia. The Chinese Embassy in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad was found aflame. “It was set ablaze due to violence that is engulfing the entire Middle East as a result of the Americans bombing the Middle East” said the head of government from China. “The Shia Muslims revolted against the U.S. attacks and have acted in ways without prior thinking but as a way of defending themselves”. This issue also affects China as they have between 10,000 and 15,000 Chinese nationals throughout Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. The Chinese government has spent this time trying to retrieve them and finding them a safe way home.