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Conflict in Kashmir escalates, India and Pakistan react

IPD Article Image - Conflict in Kashmir escalates, India and Pakistan react

As the India-Pakistani conflict escalates, tension and panic in both of the cabinets have also risen.

Pakistani military forces have cut deeper into Kashmiri territory, perturbing India, which claims it has a “right” to the Kashmiri territory. The Indian government is not willing to agree to any proposal to share the territory.

There still has not been a formal declaration of war from any party, but fighting between the two nations has escalated to a peak. When asked about whether the Indian government plans on making an official declaration of war on Pakistan, the Indian press secretary refused to comment.

The Pakistani government says that its reason for invading Kashmir is to free Muslims from their Indian “oppressors.” Pakistan's press secretary stated that once Kashmir is freed, the citizens of Kashmir would be allowed to make their own decision about their future. When asked about Pakistan’s reaction to the possibility of Kashmir deciding to be part of India, the Pakistani press secretary stated that it would respect their decision, but believe that it an unlikely outcome.

The Indian government, however, does not believe Pakistan has invaded Kashmir to free Muslims from India. Rather, India holds that Pakistan is using religion as an excuse to annex Kashmir, so that it may use the region's resources. Kashmir is known for being a fertile region ideal for farming due to its proximity to glaciers and its rich soil.

An anonymous source from the Indian cabinet has said that the country's inability to respond to Pakistani military forces is due to the “tension in the Indian cabinet," and that this,  "has caused [the] inefficiency to [respond]”.

The United Kingdom, the former ruler of both countries, has condemned the violence between India and Pakistan. The U.K. hopes to facilitate the creation of a peace treaty.

 Image: Public.Resource.Org/Flickr