CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Editorial: CIMUN, A Reflection

IPD Article Image - Editorial: CIMUN, A Reflection

Upon the end of my first and last CIMUN, I walk away with new and valuable experiences. My experience in the International Press Delegation was a fun one. I was able to watch delegates discuss policy and decision making in a wide variety of committees and I enjoyed the topics that my beat covered. I loved the sights and scenes that Chicago offered in the Michigan Avenue area and I made memories with my hometown friends and newly acquainted friends that I will never forget.

In all honesty, CIMUN had its downfalls as well. The dance being cancelled because of the foolish actions of one individual and curfew being moved forward, came together for a rather anticlimactic weekend. On top of this, the Wisconsin Badgers (my home state football team) lost a heartbreaker in the Big Ten Championship. Not to mention some of the very extensive committee sessions that felt like they might never come to a close were quite tiring.

Despite these negative happenings, I enjoyed CIMUN. I got to experience the closest thing to the actual United Nations in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, surrounded by our world’s future leaders. As my high school career comes to a close, and with college on the horizon, I will use CIMUN as a positive learning experience. I got to see hundreds of young and aspiring leaders with brilliant ideas and a passion for delegation do their thing on the biggest stage in Model UN.

For the delegates that saw CIMUN as a disappointment, I encourage you to look on the brightside. CIMUN is a rare opportunity afforded by a staff full of passionate volunteers in an organization that promotes young people and their communication and delegation skills. I have gained a greater appreciation for my fellow Model UN peers, the United Nations itself and the City of Chicago. Thank you for the experience CIMUN.

Travel safely!