CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

China and Philippines negotiate over South China Sea disputes

IPD Article Image - China and Philippines negotiate over South China Sea disputes

China is currently negotiating a joint naval task with the Philippines in the South China Sea.

Recently, China and Vietnam have come to the consensus that both nations will maintain friendly relations to control the disputes over the South China Sea. They also plan to start making progress on improving Sino-Vietnam relations.

Vietnam has proposed resolutions to ensure both Vietnam and China abide by international law, considering its belief that China is acting without any legal grounds. China has also expressed that it is capable of managing the South China Sea without aid from other countries.

China has claimed sovereignty over most of the waters in the South China Sea, in conflict with other countries such as Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan. However, these countries have expressed their dissatisfaction with China’s claims.

“The official Chinese policy on all international affairs at this point is that we would like to promote international peace in order to promote international prosperity,” the Chinese press secretary said in a statement Thursday night. “China has no intentions of playing as the international instigator in any type of global affair.”

China has now commenced negotiations with the Philippines for a joint presence in the South China Sea. 

“The reason that China has increased a joint military presence with the Philippines in the South China Sea was because of the unwelcome and unwarranted acts by the United States encroaching into the South China Sea. We not only did this with the Philippines but we also extended the offer to Indonesia and Malaysia," the Chinese press secretary said. "We did this because of the fact that we believe that the U.S. presence in the South China Sea and East Asia as a whole is only increasing turmoil in Asia as seen by the U.S. provocation in the North Korean conflict. And we also believe that regionalization is the most important aspect that we can do now.”

China has also stated that it has discussed possibly extending negotiations with Vietnam, but decided it would be "more important to focus on a larger regionalization effort," according to the Chinese press secretary.

China stated it hopes this will impact Sino-Vietnamese relations by pushing Vietnam to endorse eastern influence and embrace Chinese and Russian actions in the region.

Image: Official U.S. Navy Page/Flickr