CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

China and Vietnam prepare for possibility of war

IPD Article Image - China and Vietnam prepare for possibility of war

Tensions between Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China has resulted in a conflict between the nations large enough to imply the possibility of war.

After hearing Vietnam's plans to make Taiwan free, undoing the One China policy, China immediately responded with a threat to Vietnam.

“That is something that the People’s Republic of China will not stand for,” a representative to the Chinese Cabinet said. “It goes directly against everything that we believe in and it is trying to usurp Chinese authority within the South China Sea and East Asian Regions. To that extent, we are willing to use all matters, diplomatic and economic to resolve this issue. We urge the Vietnamese to drop this issue immediately else they face the consequences of the People’s Republic of China.”

Vietnam, however, is determined to make its goal a reality.

“The People’s Republic of China has directly threatened our nation. We will not cow to Chinese threats and we will do whatever we can to defend our positions and support the sovereignty of Vietnam and that includes allowing Taiwan to become independent to reduce China’s power in the region," the Vietnamese representative said. "We are also willing to cooperate with the Americans in order to prevent the Chinese from attacking us and to counter threats to our nation."

Based on the strong trade relationship between China and the U.S., an America It is unlikely that a U.S. partnership with Vietnam will occur. The U.S. is also cautious about making enemies with China.

Additionally, a Chinese official confirmed that both China and the U.S. have stationed troops in the South China Sea to assert the nation's dominance in the region. It is possible Vietnam’s current powers will dwindle as China becomes more powerful with support from the U.S.

Image: Magnus Manske/Wikimedia Commons