CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Britain shifts focus to improving economic, agricultural situation after war

IPD Article Image - Britain shifts focus to improving economic, agricultural situation after war

The Minister of Communication of the British Cabinet said during a press conference that the committee has pushed for an emphasis on agriculture and food security.

“The British Cabinet wants to bring the United Kingdom out of its current post-war conditions,” the British Minister of Communications said. “We can accomplish that through placing key infrastructure on sectors that have been most affected by war.”

The British Cabinet, in the committee session before the press conference, finished drafting a directive that would attempt to implement ‘key infrastructure.’

The first clause of the agricultural directive focuses on how newly developed infrastructure will be monitored,  stating that the directive will “engage in government subsidies of the agricultural industry for the purpose of controlling wage rates in agriculture… [and] raising revenue for the national government to benefit further industries."

Additionally, other assets of the proposed directive include goals to “seek free trade endeavors to increase agricultural trade” as well as to “work to increase and improve agricultural industries in the [United Kingdom’s] colonies.”

According to the Minister of Communications, these operative clauses were “added measures to make sure that the United Kingdom ultimately grows because of the tragedy and hardships faced by war rather than be hindered by those limitations.”

Although many other cabinets of the era are focusing on questions pertaining to the issue of maintaining peace in regards to the post-war geopolitical climate, the British Cabinet’s change in precedence may signify a shift from military to social matters.