CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Editorial: Is Britain a savior or a terrorist?

IPD Article Image - Editorial: Is Britain a savior or a terrorist?

As the former colonial power in India and Pakistan, Britain has always been quite influential in the region. However, recent actions in the Punjab and Kashmir regions have revealed an escalation of British involvement in these areas.

In addition to the recent attack on a Punjabi city and the burning of a mosque by British garrisons and Sikh rebels, the English military has now also committed a coup in Kashmir. British forces under the leadership of the General in Kashmir seized the capital of the region and deposed Hari Singh, the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Pakistani government believes British forces in the region were not acting on behalf of their country. However, they are still in the process of uncovering the motives behind the attack.

The government is “removing all hostile people from the situation, so they can be tried in a court of law under the title of terrorist,” the governor of West Punjab said in response to the British attack in Punjab.

When questioned about the extent of Britain’s involvement in the attack in Punjab, the U.K. Secretary of State for War, Lord Shinwell, stated that “the direct actions of these commanders are counterintuitive and counteractive for the beliefs of the U.K. government.” However, this statement did not extend to the actions of the British military in Kashmir. He acknowledged the coup as action by the British government and defended the intervention, claiming they were “trying to resolve the issue [between India and Pakistan] peacefully, and any military actions that the U.K. is taking are to enforce that stability.”

Not only did the Lord Shinwell defend the actions of the British military, but also revealed plans for further intervention.

“[If] any actions that are counteractive to peace, such as violation of a ceasefire, action will be taken against that side," Lord Shinwell said.

When questioned about the dangers of such interventions, he said diplomatic relations have failed.

“Stability and peace will be maintained using military precautions," he said. 

Image:  Arun Ganesh/Wikimedia Commons