CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

BREAKING: Arab League Issues Statement on Social Media

IPD Article Image - BREAKING: Arab League Issues Statement on Social Media

The Chronicle

The Arab League has passed three resolutions addressing the impact and governmental responses to social media. Although the intentions of each individual resolution seem to have been positive, there have been several unforseen consequences as a result of these wildly varying programs. Reading of the published resolution documents shows that the creation or drafting of no less than 15 subcommittees and regulation frameworks. The sheer quantity of options granted by these papers has sown confusion in the home governments of many Arab League countries as the member states scramble to decide which and how many of these new programs to join. In addition, while funding for each individual program was delineated in the resolutions, the overlap of responsibilities, and confusion of duties between each subcommittee have caused the expenses to grow exponentially and the Arab league has expended most of their budget