CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Austria and Australia work with Iraq to Promote the IAMA

IPD Article Image - Austria and Australia work with Iraq to Promote the IAMA

By: Deanna Lebloch, Le Monde

In the IAEA, attempts at compromise are being taken to protect the world from fiscal materials that can reek havoc on the environment. Austria and Australia have agreed to work with Iraq to come up with proper solutions on how to handle the crisis that the fiscal materials can pose. Iraq's participation is a compromise to protect other nations did not come without a cost. If Israel was anywhere near the compromise than Iraq would not be willing to work with Austria and Australia. 

Austria and Australia's plan is to create an "intercontinental streamline database of relevant communication," which would hold countries responsible for all operations and inventory. They also argue that having unannounced check-ups on countries quarterly to ensure people's safety. The paper also details a plan to give incentives out to countries that are willing to agree with the IAMA (International Atomic Monitoring Agency), such as making trade with Australia and Austria cheaper. This is being done to promote "partial denuclearization" among nations. 

This agreement would only work if Israel is no part of it, due to the conflicts that they bring to other countries. This demand is being met by Austria and Australia, however, that may mean that if a compromise between Austria or Australia with Israel were to happen it is likely that it could give the opportunity for danger to arise.