CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Arab League Looks Inward to Solve the Crises in Syria

IPD Article Image - Arab League Looks Inward to Solve the Crises in Syria

A meeting of the Arab League on Nov. 30th suggests a neutral stance on handling the various crises plaguing Syria and the Middle East as a whole.

Despite the divisive topic of the Assad Regime, member nations are seeking a way to properly represent Syria in these crucial discussions. A representative to Eritrea proposes utilizing the Arab League as a neutral party, allowing unbiased consideration of the changing situations. Moreover, Moroccan representatives wish to facilitate ongoing peace talks between the Assad Regime and other Arab nations to build accountability and trust that has not been present in the past. Peaceful resolution has thus far been the primary objective with regards to Syria; however, the blockade established around Saudi Arabia (and the subsequent worsening of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen) calls that into question.

The combination of these ideas indicate the concern that Syria is currently underrepresented. It is possible that this can further worsen the growing humanitarian crises in the Middle East. Claiming a neutral stance, a representative to Palestine notes the future tensions that will arise should this lack of representation remain unaddressed by the Arab League. 

All member nations have agreed on the severity of the humanitarian crisis and the issue of refugee aid, but it has yet to take strong hold of the discussion. It is likely that this will change as the dilemma revolving around Syria resolves. Once again, the Arab League is called to take decisive action instead of the partisan bickering that has slowly developed over who stands with the Assad Regime and who does not.