CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Arab League Divided Over Cybersecurity

IPD Article Image - Arab League Divided Over Cybersecurity

Quinn Riordan, Der Spiegel 

The Arab League passed earlier resolutions to aid the Yemen Civil War and are now discussing Topic 2: Addressing the Destabilizing Aspects of Social Media and have been focusing on the media divide and security. 

Delegates have raised concerns over the use of social media to spread terrorism and “destroy governmental policies,” the delegate from Kuwait said. The protection of a nation against attacks and the role of governmental power within social media have led to divides within the league over the solutions they should propose. 

“Security or Facebook? There's a simple answer to this question,” said the delegate from Algeria. “The answer is that this Arab League must take a united stance against radical terrorism as it brews through social media. Our fight against terrorism must not stop on the ground, we must join forces through data-sharing programs and online censorship to create an effective counterterrorism efforts. Social media is the greatest force able to destabilize this League.”

Yet, the delegate from Palestine has been outraged over the calls for censorship and terrorism by other delegates within the Arab League. This is creating  tension in the room, causing direct conflict between nations. The delegates from Morocco and Egypt are unafraid to threaten Palestine with notes or in speeches.

“This body speaks of controlling social media and talk of hackers and advanced networks," the delegate from Palestine said. "The Palestinians want to tell the truth, in a 14 year span between 2000 and 2014, 1,500 Palestinian children were killed by the IDF. But you do not hear from this as the Western media does not report on this. The only way you can find of this is on social media. By blocking social media, you block the truth.”