CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Arab Cold War

IPD Article Image - Arab Cold War

By Jose Carlos Luna, El pais

This issue doesn’t seem to stop and there is less cooperation from both delegations. One of the countries that is an example of the rivalry is Yemen. Iran supports the houthi rebels and Saudi Arabia supports the government. Saudi Arabia stops the arrival of humanitarian aid but with the passed resolution of the security council there is hope that the humanitarian aid will arrive. Iran doesn’t accept any claims of involvement in the conflict. Although the weapon in the attacks was sold by Iran, Iran denies involvement in the attacks. 

The cold war happens when both nations intervene in other conflicts and they don’t fight directly with each other. Saudi Arabia claims that Iran has supported extremist groups. “The extremist groups that Iran supports are called that way by Saudi Arabia and the United States, but when Saudi Arabia supports a group they call them liberation groups, not extremist groups” delegation of Iran in ITU (2019).

According to the press secretary of Iran the Saudi’s are manipulating the Iraqi elections by giving campaign money to Iraq. He also said that Iran will not tolerate those injustices and that Iran will defend the people of Iraq. They don’t want unjust elections, and they want for political stability in the country.