CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

An update: 70 years later

IPD Article Image - An update: 70 years later

Time travelers from the year 2017 have come to inform the world that Israel and Palestine are still having conflicts in the future, 70 years later.

“Yeah, honestly this is still a really messy situation,” the one time traveller said. “Get ready to be reporting on this story for the rest of your life.”

In our futuristic world, the still-controversial issue has many countries only recognizing one or the other as their own state and can cause diplomatic tension between nations.

Israel's push for diversity has resulted in 14 percent of their population being Arab non-Jewish. Additionally, Israel has continued to capture Palestinian lands, economically isolating those living in Palestine.

In other news, the United Kingdom has rebuilt its former war-torn self beautifully and continues to be a prosperous nation.

The former USSR, now called “Russia,” has left its communist ties, moving into a more capitalist world after a rough patch.

The United States really hasn’t changed much at all. They are still in love with Capitalism. The country participated in a few more wars ever since they realized they were good at it.

India and Pakistan still really don’t like each other.