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Editorial: America, the emblem of peace and love

IPD Article Image - Editorial: America, the emblem of peace and love

Recently, the International Court of Justice began tackling the ambiguity of defining “peace” and “love.”  

As written in the U.N. Charter under Article 4, to qualify for U.N. membership, “all...peace-loving states [will] accept the obligations contained in the present Charter and, in the judgment of the Organization, [will be] able and willing to carry out these obligations.”

Now, we see why North Korea is not represented within the United Nations.

As the International Court of Justice is currently whittling down the ambiguity of what makes a “peace-loving nation,” it is hard to justify particular nations’ memberships after recalling Article 4.

As Americans, we are witnesses of war.  We have partaken in war as a means of defense.  But we do do not instigate war.  By our values driven at the forefront of our Constitution, every motivation of self-defense is an account of the peace we aspire to due to our nation’s love for its people.  

In lieu of ongoing political tensions as referenced in an article by The New York Times entitled “Asia’s Conundrum,” nations need to get their acts in check in order to fully live by the U.N.’s statement.

How can one justify initiating a war?  How can one justify slaughtering others in ethnic cleansings or religious disputes?  How can one perpetuate communism?  How can these members be part of the United Nations?   

America is called the brave, the beautiful, the melting pot of all ethnicities, dreams and religions;  an embodiment of harmonious living out of peace and love for our neighbors.  The mediator in conflict; the welcomer of refugees.  We live by the U.N. Charter’s Article 4 in our obligation to assist others, and share our American values.  Let us continue to be an emblem of how others should live.  

Image: David Yu/Flickr