CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

African Union's Focus on Sudanese Refugees

IPD Article Image - African Union's Focus on Sudanese Refugees

The African Union (A.U.) is currently working to support Sudanese refugees and helping to end the civil war, also comply with ending the aggressive actions between the Central Sudanese Government and the Sudanese People Liberation Army.

Niger along with various other nations, such as Morocco and Djibouti, wish to begin sending aid to struggling refugees. The creation of an education system along with a training program is also on the agenda. The idea of giving refugees training in specialized skills in order to make a demand for refugees in the workplace. Efforts to make refugees less dependent on government, while also boosting the economy have been received well.

Currently, most refugee camps are raging with diseases, sexual assault, and death. Asking for aid from other countries can help in fixing these issues.

The Sudan made an effort to request $15 million dollars in funding from the Arab League in order to take 15,000 refugees from the African Union, but the decision was made that this was a bad use of the Arab leagues time and money. In order to make up for the funding countries like Angola, Morocco, and Eritrea support the idea of extending an offer to other financially stable countries like the U.S., France, and China. Although receiving funds and aid from these large western countries will help the ending of Sudanese issues, many countries fear the spread of western influence. “Risking the spread of western influence is a small price to pay for the act of ending the Sudanese civil war and sending aid to struggling Sudanese refugees,” says Morocco. The A.U. has yet to come to a decision but is pushing for a speedy resolution.