CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

African Union disagrees on how to fund support for South Sudanese refugees

IPD Article Image - African Union disagrees on how to fund support for South Sudanese refugees

Representatives within the African Union disagree on how solutions regarding the refugees of South Sudan should be funded.

“The two main blocs forming within this committee are representatives supporting funding from the World Bank and IMF and then representatives supporting funding from the Arab League,” the delegate from Nigeria in the A.U. said. “However, there are some outliers as always, but I think that consensus will be reached soon to eliminate third options from the overall debate of funding.”

While these particular funding sources have not been discussed within moderated caucuses, delegates within suspensions of debate have been addressing the implications of using "outlier" funding sources.

“There are greater strings attached when using funding from an NGO,” the representative of Sudan in the A.U. said.  “Therefore, it would be illogical to rely on those sources and instead focus our attention to the Arab League for funding.”

As with the issue of funding, representatives from countries who expressed interest in solving this issue have their concerns about other members of the A.U. utilizing their own resources.

“It would not be advantageous for countries to unjustly claim that they need aid, it would ultimately be a burden to host these South Sudanese refugees,” said the representative of Morocco from the A.U.

Motions have been made to introduce other working papers on this topic, however, working paper 1.1, sponsored by the representative of Sudan, has been the only paper to be introduced.