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Advancement in the Face of Tragedy

IPD Article Image - Advancement in the Face of Tragedy

The Guardian- Editorial

June 6th, 1968

It is no secret that there has been significant political unrest not only in the U.S. as a country, but now within the Democratic party. As the Democratic National Committee prepares for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in November of this year, they have emphasized a need to establish a party platform.

It is clear that the common goal of everyone in the Democratic Party is to win the upcoming election, but there is much discussion about how to go about this. Because the Democratic Party has taken and most likely always will take a firm stance on wanting everybody’s voices to be heard, it is understandable why there is so much controversy.

This is no easy task, so it is to be expected that there needs to be proper, fruitful debate before a real change is implemented. To create a policy platform that ensures everybody is heard, everybody who has a say in creating the platform must be heard as well. Therefore, it is impressive that in just one committee session, the 1968 DNC has passed parts of the party platform that create an Environmental Protection Agency, implement carbon taxes on businesses, lower the voting age in the United States to eighteen, and support agriculture and small businesses.

All of this progress comes just after the tragic assassinations of both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, iconic political figures who embody the ideals of the Democratic Party. If all goes as it has been, this party is sure to establish a platform about the Vietnam War, which the public is anxiously awaiting.