CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

ACD Closes Committee Session - With China sitting outside the room

IPD Article Image - ACD Closes Committee Session - With China sitting outside the room

The ACD has been discussing topics such as the South China Sea and the guidelines for food security and agricultural sustainability. The United Nations Security Council sent a message to the ACD explaining how they want a representative to come speak to the UN Security Council and report to them the work the ACD has been doing regarding North Korea and the South China Sea. After a suspension of the meeting, the delegates voted to send the delegate from China to the Security Council. Once confirmed she was gone, the committee proceeded to close the session of debate for approximately 30 minutes, but may last longer if delegates vote for an extension.

When speaking with the delegate from China, the delegates expressed her confusion and disappointment directed to the committee. "China would like to say it is saddened to hear about the closed session, seeing as they initiated a talk with the security council in order to represent the Asian Cooperation Dialogue and any sort of movement of this committee to lock China out does not represent China's opinions in any way and does not allow them to relay information that the ACD specifically stimulated that we go and get, so China does not see this as diplomatic in order to further the actions of the Asian community. We don't understand how this is relevant or safe." the delegate said, sitting outside of her closed committee room. 

When asked if the delegate from China was aware of the committee's true intentions, they responded by saying "China was briefly aware before the vote, but we chose to go ahead and represent the ACD because China believes we are the most unbiased party. As the initiator of these peace talks we thought despite the agendas of some of the delegations in this committee, we thought we would go represent the ACD's statements and working papers regarding this topic."

With the delegate from China out of the picture (for at least 30 minutes), the ACD will plan to make agreements and negotiations without one of the most influential countries in the region. An update will occur shortly to convey what exactly the ACD has done without the presence of China. 

Image: U.S. Department of State