CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Divide within Arab League stalls resolutions

IPD Article Image - Divide within Arab League stalls resolutions

The Arab League’s inaction toward aiding the people of Palestine can be simply summed up by the divide between Sunni and Shia Muslims. The massive divide in the committee has stalled many resolutions and has allowed for the invasion of Palestine to take place with little resistance and for atrocities to be committed in India and Pakistan. 

When speaking to an anonymous source in the committee, it was revealed that the troops currently held by the Arab League are killing each other on the battlefield due to the lack of cooperation among the Sunni and Shia troops. 

“Despite the desire for unity in the Arab community, one member nation threatened to leave the Arab League if certain other nations did not submit to their wishes,” the source said.

The tensions within the Arab League has allowed for the displacement of civilians due to little military action.

“Progress was also slowed as a single member nation fought over the distribution of their military to the affected areas,” the source said.

With a member nation threatening to leave the Arab coalition and minimal cooperation between the militaries, it is likely the Arab League will remain in a stalemate.

Image: Nicolas Raymond/Flickr