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The Israeli-Palestine Conflict (1991)

IPD Article Image - The Israeli-Palestine Conflict (1991)

The Chronicle

Elizabeth Innes

As the Israel-Palestine conflict has yet to reach a solution, the question of Israel’s engagement has surfaced. 

The United States favors Israel in this crisis; however, their lack of participation to reach a plausible resolution will drastically impact the peacemaking process. “The first step we need to take is to show our support of the Israeli people and help defend their rightful border. Our relationship with them is unshakable and should forever be that way,” Dick Cheney stated on how the United States would ensure Israeli engagement. 

Israel is one of two original non-NATO allies of the United States, and it has also been used as a military foothold in the Middle East. The United States claims to value its relationship with Israel strongly, but an agreement will not take place if both parties are not involved. 

Military involvement from the United States is expected by the international community. 

“There is not a more direct way of showing our support and helping Israel secure their border as well,” Cheney stated. He referred to the border as being owned by Israel, proving the determination of the United States to resolve this conflict.