CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Tensions Escalate in Arab League Over Peace Talks

IPD Article Image - Tensions Escalate in Arab League Over Peace Talks

Quinn Riordan, Der Spiegel 

As the Yemeni Civil War approaches its fifth year, the death toll continues to increase reaching around 91,600 deaths in 2019. The Arab League is focusing on how and what they should do to reestablish the Yemeni government. The Arab League chose to focus on Topic A: Yemen - Rethinking Approaches to Reaching Political Stability.  The involvement of the Houthis and outside nations  in peace talks have caused increased tensions between the countries. 

“We need to reestablish the Hadi regime,” the delegate from Tunisia said in an interview. “But to do that we need to listen to the opinions of the Houthi rebels, as in bringing them in to the peace talks. Without their integration, Yemen can not achieve peace, as there would be a further divided front.” Yet, there has been public outrage from various countries in the cabinet such as Iraq and Palestine. “How could this ever be possible with such a violent group,” asked the delegate from Palestine. Furthermore, the involvement of outside nations, such as the United States, has been heavily contested.  “Before we focus on reinstating another government or forcing a government out [the implementation of] military action will only cause more chaos in the region as the Hutis will fight back with their full force," said the Delegate from Palestine. "We need to be careful. Lives are at stake and we must not take this as a simple regime change.”