CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

SAUD: Saudi Arabia Reveals Plans for MBS College of Free Press and Media

IPD Article Image - SAUD: Saudi Arabia Reveals Plans for MBS College of Free Press and Media

By Ashley Huebner, Jerusalem Post, and Alexa Hewitt, Fox News, reporting for SAUD

Saudi Arabia is building a new college campus campus for free press and media. The college will be a public university called Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) College of Free Press and Media. .

The goal is to encourage post-secondary youths to get involved in free media that is unbiased and has factual information to combat disinformation. The teachers will be highly-qualified journalists that exercise unbiased writing. There will be an application process for teachers. They must have high qualifications and excellent teaching skills.

The campus will be similar to those in the United States. The college entry will also be the same process as that in the United States; a college essay will be reviewed for acceptance. The college is also moderately selective, and only open to those who have Saudi citizenship.

The students will take college credit courses and will have opportunities to intern under their professors. Summer courses will also be offered, and high school students will be able to participate in the summer courses for college credit.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia has decided to invest $20 million USD into cyber security training programs, in high schools and colleges. The investment will go to teacher training and education.

“Saudi Arabia is looking forward to advancing its 3030 goal with these new investments into cyber security.” The Saudi Arabian minister of finance explained it is an optional elective provided to students. Saudi Arabia stresses that students will not be involved with cyber weapons or government projects.

There will be scholarships, grants, and internships. Saudi Arabia will give ample financial aid to students who need it. Saudi Arabia wants to increase women involvement in cyber security. Additionally there will be guest speakers talking to the students every month.