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ECOFIN Uses Gender Equality to Boost the Economy

IPD Article Image - ECOFIN Uses Gender Equality to Boost the Economy

RIA Novosti

On Dec. 6, the ECOFIN committee has focused heavily on gender equality and women empowerment, especially as they pertain to education and work opportunities.

A bloc attempted to address these issues. Specific clauses within their working draft state that they will attempt to ratify legislation to address familial protection, paid maternity leave and guaranteed access to education past elementary school,  with delegates primarily defending women rights.

The delegate representing Germany commented on this, vehemently claiming that “there has been no research or study done that support that women’s brains have a smaller capacity than men’s brains," and stated that “no women should be making 77 cents to a man’s one dollar.”

Stay tuned to see the result of these discussions.