CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Delegate from China Fights Back Against Bias Of The Western World

IPD Article Image - Delegate from China Fights Back Against Bias Of The Western World


The delegate from the People's Republic of China in the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) has dealt with the anti-communist bias from the Western World. The delegate from China said, with confidence, that he managed to "turn the tide" yesterday when the foreign minister came and spoke to his committee. The minister gave a "riveting speech about how [the Chinese Government] is simply reacting" to the dangerous protestors that are intent on causing harm to our police. Some protestors are coming at China's police force with "weapons and knives," according to the delegate from China.

Furthermore, the delegate from China, who is determined to resolve the situation in Hong Kong, was slandered by the delegate from the U.S. for the riots in Hong Kong. The delegate from the U.S. condemned the Hong Kong police for protecting themselves, while completely ignoring her country's history of police brutality. Our delegate was proud to say "if [the U.S.] are saying that the actions of their police are rightful, then they should be saying that ours are too."

In the delegate from China's final remarks, he stated he would "just like to make it very clear that the acts of the police are portrayed on the [Western] media to be violent and brutal but in reality, [the viewers] are only seeing the second half of the story. The reality of the first half is the Hong Kong protestors often times are very radical, coming at the police with weapons and knives and all of the [Western] media shows is the police response," which is absurd since the Western World, especially the U.S., condemn China for not having free press.