CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

1991 Security Council Plans for the Future of Israel and Palestine

IPD Article Image - 1991 Security Council Plans for the Future of Israel and Palestine

By: Deanna Lebloch, Le Monde

The Security Council is gathered to discuss how to resolve conflicts between Israel and Palestine. Coming up with proper solutions that can help both nations are at the top of the priority list for this council. The U.K. stated that they are working on a resolution paper that "creates an immediate cease-fire with peace talks,"  to settle both countries while the United Nations discusses the best possible solutions. The U.K. "realizes both sides are at fault here," which is a vastly different approach than the United States has chosen to take. When asked if they showed bias to Israel or Palestine The United States representative responded "honestly Israel," but also claims they are "just as eager" to resolve the conflicts as everyone else. The United States also argues that the United Kingdom shows a bias towards Palestine, however, the U.K. is sticking to the claim that they are "neutral."

The Peoples Republic of China, Romania, and other members of their bloc have started a plan to reform the Palestinian government so that they will be "internationally recognized," and can start working on an "infrastructural development" plan to help equalize Israel and Palestine. China's plan to fund this new project is to have a "small coalition of countries," help fund and help both Israel and Palestine prosper. In the past the United Nations has tried to help both nations reach peace by implementing rules, however, none of them ever lasted long enough for peace. Romania has said that more "concrete resolutions," are needed and that sanctions need to be placed after the resolutions past to ensure that both Israel and Palestine have a peaceful future.